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Security Awareness and Training
Security awareness, technical training, communication
Secure Interoperability
Security architecture, Trust relationships, Contracts
Possession/Use of Cellular Telephone, Beeper and Other Portable Telecommunications Devices
A. Portable Communication Devices – Definitions

For purposes of this Regulation and Policy 3-65  "Portable Communication Devices" are defined to include portable two-way telecommunication devices, including but not limited to cellular telephones, beepers, walkie talkies, personal digital assistants, and other hand-held computing devices (when such device is being used as a communication device). This definition will also include any new technology developed for similar purposes.

B. High Schools – Possession, Display and Use

1. Students in high schools may possess, display and use "Portable Communication Devices" before or after the instructional day only as set forth in this Regulation.

2. The school may revoke the privilege to possess or use the Portable Communication Devices for violation of this regulation. (See Student Discipline Guidelines/Code of Student Conduct.)

3. To avoid disruption of the instructional process, students shall not display, use, activate, or permit Portable Communication Devices to be activated during the instructional day. For the purposes of this regulation the "instructional day" is defined as the moment a student enters the school building to the final dismissal bell. The "instructional day" includes, but is not limited to, study halls, lunch break, class changes and any other structured or non-structured instructional activity that occurs during the normal school day. Students are responsible to ensure that their devices are turned off and out of sight during the instructional day.

4. Before or after the end of the instructional day, students may possess, display and use such Portable Communication...