Japan Fashion Market

Japan Fashion Market

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Japanese Fashion Market


CONTENTS Executive Summary 1. Introduction 2. Principal characteristic of the Japanese Market 2.1 Population 2.2 Japanese standard of living 2.3 GNP 2.4 Main import and export 2.5 Space contains 2.6 Physical condition 3. The Fashion Market 3.1 Life style by generation 3.2 The relationship between capital income and consumption 3.3 Personal expenses in clothing 3.4 Aspects to determine the patterns of consumption 4.The fashion Industry 4.1 Size 4.2 Department stores 4.3 GMS (General Merchandising Stores) 4.4 Specialty stores 4.5 Domestic apparel companies 4.6 Trading companies 4.7 Advertisement 5.Strategies 5.1 Foreign companies entering the Japanese market 5.2 Possible strategies for Brazilian companies entering The Japanese market 6.Conclusion Reference; Map of fashion areas

Executive Summary
The purpose of this research is to provide you with basic information about the Japanese fashion industry in order to broaden knowledge for the Brazilian fashion companies planning to enter the Japanese Market. The Japanese economy is viewed as being on its recovery stage. Although consumers are trying to save more money to prepare for an unstable future, they also have a strong desire to spend money on fashion. The Japanese fashion market has very unique features compared to that of other countries. 1) The real estate-related costs in Japan are high and the sales per square feet have been highest in the world. It is about 10 times as that of the United States. 2) Most of the Japanese retail fashion business stands on consignment. As a result the retailers do not have the decision making power to merchandise and determine the retail price. The market size for people in their 20s is the largest. This is because most of them still live with their parents and don’t need to pay living expenses. The largest market for most countries is in the 40–year old age group. 4) The Japanese are very loyal to foreign prestigious fashion brands such...

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