Japan History Wwii

Japan History Wwii

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Why did Japan adopt an aggressive foreign expansion policy in the 1930s?

Economic Problems
1.Need for raw materials for the industrial program

-Japan’s economy declined steadily after WW1 as the European economy recovered in the early 1920s.

-This resulted in the European markets dominating in the markets in Europe and Asia.

-Thus Japan had to find new market for their goods.

-Adopting an aggressive foreign policy will help them solve their problems.

2. Effects Great Depression.

-The GD further aggravated the reasons why Japan went on an aggressive foreign policy.

-Japan’s exports dropped by two-thirds.

-Drop in demand for silk affected livelihood for farmers.

-This resulted in widespread unemployment.

-Japanese industries depended heavily on import of iron, tin, cotton, rubber and oil.

-Problems worsen when USA imposed tariffs on imported goods.

-This was done in an attempt to protect USA’s industries.

-This affected Japan’s textile industries.

-Hence Japan needed to look for new markets.

-This led to Japan realize their future lays in them building a large empire in East Asia.

-Hence Japan decided to embark on an aggressive foreign policy.

Social Problems

1.Lack of living space due to economic problem.

-Japan was mountainous and unsuitable for settlement.

-This was worsen when Japan had a rapid growth in population.

-The population increased from 45million in 1900 to 65milliong in 1930.
-Problems worsen when their food was scarce which put more pressure on agriculture sector.

-Moreover, in the early 1900s, many Japanese migrated to America.

-However, in 1934, Japan placed restrictions on immigration.

-Hence many Japanese were unable to migrate to the USA.

-More land/new territories were needed.

Political Factor
-There was rise of nationalism and militarism in Japan.

-Support for the civilian...

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