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Japanese Educational System

The Japan has one of the world best educated populations. With only a 2% high school drop out rate and a 48% rate of kids who move up to universities, Japan has very high standards for their students. With the student responsibility and curriculum a high standard for education is possible. Japanese education system and American education system both have their strong points and in comparison it is hard to tell who is better.

In the Japanese educational system the students learn responsibility through class room management. When a child is very young around the age of preschool the child is taught to be clean and keep the class room clean. They emphasize on a students responsibility by making them scrub class room floors and desks, organize many papers, and be kept to the up most highest standard of cleanliness. In the American school system, they teach student responsibility by teaching life lessons, academic honestly, and doing homework. By teaching life lessons they teach of good morals and being responsible for your own actions. Academic honestly is important to the American educational system.. Being honest and responsible for a test and what the student knows teaches them academic responsibility.

The curriculum in Japan puts the children through 6 years of grade school, 3 years of junior high, and three years of high school following with an optional 4 year university. In the Japanese education system they cover social studies, mathematics, science, language, music, arts and handcrafting, and physical education. After weekly school on the weekends the students study at an all day long core group. The Japanese focus more on useful knowledge. In the American school system a student attends 6 years of grade school, 3 years of junior high, and for years of high school. Even though America has one more year of schooling dose not mean that they are necessarily smarter. Japans students spend 60 more days in school than...

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