Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony

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(1). The meaning of “和、敬、清、寂” in my view

(2). How the principle of Japanese tea ceremony influence my life

Speaking of Japanese culture, everyone may think of Japanese tea ceremony immediately. Of course Japanese tea ceremony is absolute one of the most important culture in Japan, and even is popular over the world. As us foreigners in APU, may interested in it more and want to attend a real tea ceremony in person some time. So I chose the course of tea ceremony this semester, and have learned how to enter the tea room, how to taste the snack and how to have tea. Now when I look behind, I deeply feel that the Japanese tea ceremony is a kind of art which need appreciating by heart. As we know the principles of tea ceremony is 和、敬、清、寂 which means Harmony, Respect, Purity, Tranquility. The four words seem quite simple. However the words express the significant spirit of the Japanese tea ceremony, and will influence our life gradually as well.

I remembered that at the first class, the teacher said that everyone was tea person when you entered the tea room no matter you were Japanese or not. Actually I am deeply moved by this view. I strongly feel that it connects the heart of Japanese and foreigners together and all of us become the one.
Every time when we practice entering the tea room, five people are a group, and all should behave in a harmony way—stand, walk at the same time. And at the first class, seeing the teacher make sound when finish drinking the tea, I found it was quite strange. However the sound means the guest have already finished the tea and think the tea is every delicious. So the host and guest can understand each other by heart which is a kind of communication over the talking level. Don’t you think it is the real harmony?

If you ask me what impresses me most when taking the class, I will answer that every action in the tea ceremony should be performed by heart. For example, when making the tea,...

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