Jazzy Soul Artist with Jeff Robinson

Jazzy Soul Artist with Jeff Robinson

Jazzy Soul Artist with Jeff Robinson

Last Friday I had the opportunity of visiting “Pips On La Brea”. Pips is most known for

its Jazz performers and great Italian Food, it’s in a pretty nice neighborhood and the staff was so

kind that I would recommend it to almost all of my friends. When visiting Pips, the first thing I

noticed was how crowded it was, which is a very good sign if you’re visiting a restaurant. The

large number of people could have been for either the good food or for the visiting Jazz

performer Jeff Robinson. I think that it might have been both.

Jeff Robinson is a solo artists who is accompanied by his keyboardist, drummer, saxophone

player and fellow backup singers. He was already in the middle of a song when I had walked into

Pips so I didn’t know how long he had been singing for nor did I get the name of his band (if

there was one) and between songs the only reference to the group was when Jeff was referring to

himself. The songs he sang sounded very jazz like given the instruments he had accompanying

him. Jazz music is something quite new to me. In my country we have music and songs played

with similar instruments but the tone and way of the songs are quite different. The sounds and

mixing the saxophone and drums was really something I hadn’t heard too often before.

In my opinion a lot of the sounds that I heard brought me back to the lectures in such a way in

that how the musicians used their instruments to create rhythms with the keyboard, the bass and

drums which are some of the main instruments used in jazz music. Going to class I can say has

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helped me better understand and identify with Jazz music.

After sitting through more than an hour of Jeff’s performance I started to realize several

different things that I really liked about it. For one, in some of the songs he sang in scat just as

Louie Armstrong used to do in his songs....

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