Jealousy - Where Are the Limits?

Jealousy - Where Are the Limits?

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Since yesterday I’ve been thinking about jealousy and how difficult it is to live with a jealous partner. Yesterday I was a witness of a very ugly scandal between my friend and her husband. We were in a café together and one of the waiters told her a compliment and she replied nicely with a smile. Later she admitted that it was very stupid of her to act like this, as she was very well aware what a reaction would follow. It was really embarrassing to see her husband screaming at her obscenities.

I’ve known before about his obsession with her unfaithfulness, but never knew he can go so far. I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to tolerate anything like this, but she told me she’s got used to it since long ago, and knows definitely that her husband loves her. Actually she proudly told me that some time ago her husband employed some kind of a private detective to spy on her. I was really horrified I believe if you truly love somebody it means you trust him or her absolutely. And if you always keep thinking about your partner unfaithfulness it spoils relations badly.

On the other hand I know a girl who suffers a lot because her partner doesn’t pay any attention to her whereabouts and never asks where or with whom she is. This girl says that his indifference hurts her very much but when she asks the boyfriend why he isn’t interested where she has been he says that he trusts her completely and if she wants to tell him something she will do it without pushing.

So as you see in the both girls are not happy, and then I began to think about this subject I decided that it’s not so easy to find a compromise that would suit both partners, and of course it depends on how you look at this part of relations. Do you prefer to know absolutely everything about you partner or you agree that she/he can have some private life of her/his own which doesn’t mean being unfaithful. Are there any certain limits for this feeling?

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