Jesus and Mohammed: the Same Person?

Jesus and Mohammed: the Same Person?

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Jesus and Mohammed

Lori Nalls

J & M 2

It seems that many scholars have confused Jesus and Mohammed as to being the same person, but they were born in to completely different times. They both were put on this earth to serve and teach. While Jesus promoted Christianity, Mohammed promoted Islam in a time when Judaism was strong. They both had their own way of strengthening their own religion. This paper will help to compare and contrast the lives of Jesus and Mohammed describes the way of how they worshiped, as well as explain their message and how it is carried on today.
Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem in the 4th year before the Common Era (BCE). Mary gave birth to a baby boy and named him Jesus, which means “God Saves”. The people that came to pay respect to the parents on the birth of their new son believed Jesus was the savior. At the age of 12 Jesus and his parents traveled to Jerusalem for Passover. His parents found Jesus discussing the Torah with a Rabbi and his knowledge of this was not like any other child his age. At the age of 30 Jesus asked John the Baptist to baptize him but John believed that it was not his place to do this. It was later believed that Jesus wanted to be baptized so he could truly dedicate himself to God.
Jesus healed the sick, resurrected the dead, walked on water, performed exorcisms, and very symbolically turned a few loaves of bread into enough food to feed many hunger people (Fisher, 2005). Jesus, son of God had followers from all walks of life and even encouraged female disciples. The two most important commandments of Judaism are what Jesus primarily went around and taught, to love God and to love each other. These ideas are based on the idea that “God is forgiving to those who repent” (Fisher, 2005). The ruler of Galilee, Herod Antipas thought of Jesus as a threat so he had

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to stay outside of Galilee to continue his teaching. Jesus...

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