Jewish history and contribution

Jewish history and contribution

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Abstract: This article introduces Jewish history and Jewish contribution of every area. Moreover, it also explores the reasons that why such small nation can make great contribution to the world and keep them prosperous.
Key words: Jews, history, contribution, reasons

I. Jewish history
A. C.1900 BC-538 BC
The history of the Jewish people began in what is called the “fertile crescent”, the land that reaches from the River Nile round to the Euphrates and Tigris. These rivers nurtured the early civilizations of Egypt and of Mesopotamia. Some time about 1800 BC a Hebrew named Abram led his people from the city of Ur near Babylon in Mesopotamia, to Canaan in the West. Then, Hebrews began their wandering tour.
Through Jewish history, Jews have repeatedly been directly or indirectly expelled from both their original homeland and the areas in which they have resided.
Having suffered famine in Canaan, Hebrews were invited to settle in Egypt by Joseph who is the son of Jacob and leader of a Hebrew tribe. However, the rulers consider them as a threat to their controlling so that put Hebrews into a desperate life. Sometime around 1290 BC some of the Hebrews left Egypt, led by a man named Moses, an event known as the Exodus. Thus, the kingdom of Israel was established. The first king is Saul. Nevertheless, soon, the kingdom of Israel was sent into permanent exile by Assyria, initially to the Upper Mesopotamian provinces of the Assyrian Empire, from whence they scattered all over the world. Then, the Kingdom of Judah was exiled by Babylonia.
B. 538BC-135AD
The Persians then defeated the Chaldeans, and in 538 BC the Persian king, Cyrus the Great, allowed the Hebrews to return to their homeland.
The next significant event in the history of the Jews was their inclusion in the empire of Alexander the Great. From the fall of king to their last fight to Roman, the firm and indomitable Jewish people had struggled for over 700 years yet. It was the tough...

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