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Personal Statement

To become a leading advisor on business strategy, with focus on financial and managerial consulting, is the uttermost career enthusiasm of me, a young but determined woman who dares to create a big dream, who knows how to get closer to the goal, and who is ready to make the effort.

Yet, I am halfway up the goal. Undergraduate program of Accounting is my initial but steady step. Now, about to graduate, I cast my vision to the global world in pursuit of the requirement of a financial advisor, finding a master level education in accounting and finance is a shortcut. Finance interacts with Accounting, both of which address financial supervision and strategies in corporate. The interdisciplinary studies would increase my opportunity to get a job as a financial analyst in an in investment banking department so that I can join in the work related to Corporate Finance, focusing on M&A, capital investment, and internal control. Among these basic tasks of analyst of investment banking department, I am especially interested in corporate finance, which is helping corporations to finance for long-term development. So I would focus on this perspective to become a leading advisor in corporate finance in the long term.

I approach to the nature of business by receiving rewarding trainings in accounting and finance. Diversified curriculums, integrated theories and empirical skills guide me into business society, accounting principles, corporate finance, quantitative methods and analytical tools. I realize the importance of the current business entities in financial management, consolidated statement and corporate governance. My passion for corporate finance derives from the significance of financial data in uncovering a firm’s real operation and of choosing the suitable finance method: when we analyze the financial data, we can draw logics behind numbers to clues of ups and downs of a firm, and then to generate a real insight into those numbers which...