Jfk Inagural Speech

Jfk Inagural Speech

John F. Kennedy’s Persuasive Techniques

John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address is of great importance to the American people. The speech incorporates the majority values and views of our society. Kennedy persuaded the people of his lifetime to join his side and support him through the struggles of the country. Kennedy reiterated flattering of the audience, repeated words that unify the people, and created an outlook on the situation as there being no other reasonable choice other than his own. By strategically planning out his speech, Kennedy was able to effectively sway the reader to agree with his standings on immensely important issues.

Serving as the president of the United States, Kennedy’s role was to inform the people while still obtaining their support. Attempting to fulfill his duty was evident in the text. Throughout the speech, Kennedy repeatedly commends his audience and shows that he thinks very highly of the American people. Kennedy stated, “For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty…”. When he said this, he was telling the people that he knew they were capable of changing the world. The recognition and flattering evoked positive feelings from his audience and set up a positive persona for him. Using this technique is strong and is popular in other significant speeches found in American history. While questions were arising about fighting the British the same flattering was used to gain support of those that wanted to rise against the mother country.

Another aspect that relates Kennedy’s speech and other historical texts is his persuasive purpose of bringing the people together. Similar to the Declaration of Independence, Kennedy’s speech emphasized the unification of the country through the use of parallelism. Kennedy excessively uses the word, “we” in his speech to the people. The clever repetition reinforces the idea of America being a country of unified people and brings out the idea that we stand...

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