Jfk the Proof

Jfk the Proof

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JFK: The Proof is the true story of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It is based on the investigation of retired FBI agent Zack Shelton and over a dozen of his retired FBI associates.


Zack Shelton joined the FBI in 1970 and served his country as a Special Agent for 28 years with over 7 years spent on the organized crime task force in Kansas City and Chicago. No stranger to high profile investigations, Shelton was part of the FBI team that ran the Mob skim out of Las Vegas in the infamous Strawman Operation (the movie Casino was based on this operation), solved the truck dragging death of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas, captured the armed robbers that held up the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, and arrested a corrupt Texas sheriff for drug smuggling.

In 1980, Shelton worked a case on one, James Earl Files, a Chicago mob associate who later was arrested and sentenced for running a Mafia chop shop which took stolen cars to Texas and Mexico. During the course of the FBIs investigation of James Files for Interstate Transport of Stolen Goods, Agent Shelton interviewed one of the FBIs reliable informants that was riding in a car with James Files through Dealey Plaza in Dallas one day and the informant told Shelton that Files had gotten weird on him and made a statement to the effect that if the people would ever know what really happened in Dealey Plaza, they couldnt handle it. This comment stuck with Shelton through the years.

In 1992, while stationed at the FBI office in Beaumont, Texas, agent Shelton read a newspaper article about a Texas private investigator, Joe West, who had discovered evidence that indicated that Chicago mobsters Charles Nicoletti and John Rosselli were involved in the Kennedy murder. Shelton asked West for an off the record meeting for Shelton was curious as to where the investigator and gotten this information. Shelton had worked cases on Nicoletti and Rosselli in the past....

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