Love is like winter
Warm breaths thaw cold hearts until
one day the spring comes.
! ! There once was a young boy named Frank. He lives in a

creepy and eerie cabin in an enchanted forest. His cabin is covered in

moss and leaves. On the inside of his house it is covered with piles of

dust. These bugs are some of his most trusted friends. It is very clear that

Frank doesn’t take care of his house. Frank feels that there are more

important things to do. He lives near a village with a castle in the very

middle of the village. The King who lives in the castle does not like

Frank and wants him to go farther away from his royal village.
One day he wakes up from one of his friends scurrying up and down his

stomach. Its Sam his very best of friends. “ Come on Frank. Its time to

wake up and get groceries”, said Sam.
! ! Frank didn’t feel like getting up so he said, “give me 5 more

minutes”, but he really wasn’t going to do that. Sam knew he wasn’t

going to wake up either. So he went and got all of his friends and started

to tickle him.

! ! Frank couldn’t stop laughing and said, “All right already I’ll

get up”. So his friends stopped tickling him. So Frank, Sam, and all of

their friends went to the village near by to get food for themselves so

they could make a cake for Sams birthday, which was just 3 days away.

So Frank made a list of things they didn’t have to make a cake. Flour,

milk, sugar, eggs, and vanilla.