JJT2 task 1

JJT2 task 1

Social Responsibility
Shakera Baxter-Moreland | Advantage Health

Social Responsibility
Advantage Health is a healthcare facility with the well being of the community at
large in mind. A Social Responsibility Strategy will help Advantage Health to
ensure they maintain their obligations to themselves, their patients, and to the

Environmental Considerations
 Transitioning

the healthcare organization
from paper to electronic medical records

 Reusable

instruments that can be used
again after being sterilized

 Strict

recyclable guidelines

Ethical Leadership Considerations

Have training, mentoring programs, or performance
reviews that echo the ethical obligations that
Advantage Health’s culture creates

Placing nurse and physician leaders into positions
only once they have proven that they have
exceptional ethics

Disconnecting ethics from daily business
proceedings is not allowed.

Organizational Viability

Ensuring correct revenue cycle completion.

Discovering new ways to perform services in a
cost effective manner.

Meeting standards to receive governmental

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Ensuring the proper creation, upkeep and storage of
medical records whenever the Health and Human Services
Commission audits files.

Making sure that each provider that has credentials are
keeping them up to date and not performing duties while
they are expired.

Ensuring that patient information is kept confidential and
adheres to HIPAA standards.


Advantage Health has been placed in prime positon in order to provide
our patients with the best care in the nation. In order to rise farther up
the pinnacle of success, developing a social responsibility plan will help
us to reach that. By focusing on ways to diminish our carbon footprint
through recycling and paper reduction, making sure that our...

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