Job Analys

Job Analys

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As the merger of InterClean and Enviro Technic Company comes to a close, the new company direction has been put into action. Our company will focus not only on selling regular cleaning products, but also offer full service cleaning solution for organizations in the health industry.

Job Analysis
The employees chosen to represent the merger of the two companies (InterClean and EnviroTech) will be selected based upon the following job criteria.

• The ability to maintain accounts while developing new ones and building long-term relationships with our customers.
• The ability to establish relationships with diverse business contacts.
• A bachelor degree plus 2-3 years of sales experience or five or more years of successful sales experience.
• Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics and requirements.
• Motivation to succeed and close the deal on sales opportunities.
• The ideal candidate must be a team player; excellent verbal and written communication skills, sales oriented, and have a positive attitude.
• Willingness to travel and work in a fast pace environment.

The items listed above are essential to the success of InterClean and Enviro Tech and the new strategy that will be implemented, which is selling products and providing full service cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry. Therefore, the ability to maintain account is just as important as developing new ones as well as building stronger relationships and ensuring overall customer satisfaction. These requirements will support in the success of producing the sales figures and profits as the company continues to grow.

Workforce Planning System

The goal for InterClean and Enviro Tech is to introduce all-inclusive full service solution packages to the health care industry, domestically and worldwide. The company will provide training for all sales managers and sales representatives to understand the...

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