Job Description and Qualification for Purchasing Manager

Job Description and Qualification for Purchasing Manager

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Career Development Plan Summary.

Kudler Fine Food (KFF) was established by Kathy Kudler as premier gourmet grocery chain stores company for shoppers who are searching for the finest meats, produce, cheese and wines. The company has three locations (La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas) and plans to open a new store in Carlsbad, California.
As the KFF continues to grow the management structure has remained the same. Kathy is the primary operations manager for the entire organization and she still oversees many of the purchasing functions along with inventory tracking for all locations which means that
there is no purchasing department in any of the stores although standard purchasing procedures are in place. Therefore, I recommend to hire five new positions, one purchasing manager position and four purchasing clerk positions (one purchasing clerk position for each location). I think it is crucial to hire a purchasing manager who will
consider price, quality, availability, reliability, and technical support when choosing suppliers and merchandise. Purchasing manager will get the best deal for the company, meaning the highest quality goods and services at the lowest possible cost.

Job description and qualifications for Purchasing Manager.

Job description:

Purchasing manager plays a crucial role in the company’s merchandising system that serves a wide range of consumer wants and needs. He or she will purchase merchandise from wholesale firms or directly from manufacturers for resale to the public. Purchasing manager will be responsible for determining which products company will sell, therefore, he or she must know what will attract consumers. It is crucial for purchasing manager to keep current with the latest trends by studying catalogs, industry and company publications, and trade journals. Purchasing manager also must monitor competitors’ sales activities by following advertisements and anticipate consumer buying patterns by monitoring general economic...

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