Job Experience

Job Experience

During this summer holiday, I started my placement at 2nd July. My company is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, the company name is PC tours and travel, and it was established in 1984. This is inbound travel agency. Its destinations are Hong Kong, China and Indo-China. The greatest market is Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France and so on. PC tours have strong relation with outside company since they corporate and communicate usually. The Relationships with hoteliers, airline managers, restaurateurs and materiel suppliers are close. The operating Team and Guest Service are full time staffers, knowledgeable. One company is divided many department, they held many optional tours, incentive events, commercial and social meetings.

Professional Experience Report
1. My role in the organization
PC tours and travel divide many departments, such as account department、incentive department、 operational department etc. I was in guide department. This department usually handles optional tour, distribute the job to tour guide, print some useful documents, double check the itinerary, handle the telephone and so on.

What was my role in the organization? I was a new trainee. I just did some miscellaneous things. Such as cutting the sticker, printing papers, and entry information to computer. These things I usually handled in my company. Sometimes, I followed the tour guide to Hong Kong Island in order to learn something from them and see the operation and the procedure.

Let me describe of typical week at work, I was happy that on duty on Hong Kong International Airport about two weeks. In my company, there are two guides on duty on airport everyday. One is responsible in the morning; one is responsible in the afternoon. I followed them to study. Everyday, I received the folders from A1 counter, and prepared something well until the foreigners arrive the gate or the flight landed. I need to double-check the time is enough and accurate on their departure...

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