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Job Recommend

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Dear Admissions Officer,

It gives me great pleasure to recommend the candidacy of Mr.Yu to your prestigious university. As Mr. Yu’s supervisor, I support wholeheartedly her decision to attend graduate MBA School.

I am the manager of Silicon Industries Co.,Ltd and Mr. Yu worked under my supervision. I considered that Mr. Yu is a sharp young man and quickly understood the job and the way the firm operated. He also had high self-expectation which he never came to work late or left the company early. His contribution to this company has been avidly watched by directors, all of whom hope that he will return.

I was consistently impressed with his professional attitude and keen desire to learn as much as possible. I recalled there was a new inspect machine which needs to be buy off in a short time. He was responsible for this project. At first I think this project was hard to be done on time for our product line. But Mr .Yu finished this project early two day. I was happy to vouch for his high level of professional expertise, his strong grounding in his chosen field, and his very effective interaction with the other members of staff.

I believe, with an enthusiastic attitude in work, plus his further training in your school, he will be a brighten star in the management field. I hope that your honorable institution will be able to accept his application for graduate studies. Your favorable consideration of his application is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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