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Job Search

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of the work as a whole. Beside, the kind of boss is very strong factor. The boss should be open-minded and cooperative. Furthermore, the boss should support the employee in positive ways, because the better is the boss the better is the work will be. The boss should be fair when it comes to giving promotions. In addition, great boss must pay attention to the importance of rewarding the employees.

Third, one important factor is the expected incomes. Two sides are considered when choosing the ideal job, which are the economic and the intellectual incomes. One side is the economic incomes. People depend on work as a source of money. They work to earn money. The ideal job must provide good salaries so it will provide good living to the workers. Another side is the intellectual incomes. Ideal job can benefit the workers in the point that it is full of experiences. People can benefit from it in obtaining new knowledge they cannot obtain in the academic life. Moreover, people can acquire new skills or practice existing skills. Knowing new friends and maybe creating a lifetime friendships is another advantage.

Finally, flexible work is one crucial factor regarding the ideal job. Flexibility is needed when it comes to work hours. Means, the more flexible hours it has, the more ideal the job it becomes. Flexible hours allow workers to save time for social life. It gives them a chance to do their social commitments such as family and children matters. Moreover, it allows them to entertain themselves and enjoy life by the space it provides to take care of hobbies such as reading and painting. Another factor is the flexibility in vacation. Workers need vacation or break after hard working for a better comeback.

In conclusion, the ideal job is the dream of many people. It starts from the childhood and developed throughout the stage of a person's life. Many qualities must be taking in consideration when choosing the perfect and ideal job. The qualities...

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