Community: Delaware is a middle-class college town of approximately 30,000 located 30 miles north of Columbus, Ohio. The residents span all socioeconomic levels from professionals and business executives to factory workers and laborers. It is the home of Ohio Wesleyan University as well as several large industries.

School District: The Delaware City School District is a small city school system covering 36 square miles of land. The district enrolled approximately 4500 students as of Sept. 2007. The Delaware City Schools serve a diverse population. On the 2006-2007 state report card 15% of students were identified as students with disabilities, 27.4% fit the requirement of economically disadvantaged, 25% of our student body is on free or reduced lunches. 4.7% are African-American, .8% Asian or Pacific Islander, 2.1% Hispanic, 4.5% Multi-racial, and 87.7% white. 1.1% of the students are described as “limited English proficient.”

The district serves student in eight school facilities: five pre-K-4 buildings, a 5-6 intermediate school, a 7-8 middle school, and a comprehensive 9-12 high school. Other district facilities include a central administration building, technology center, and transportation center.

Five elected Board of Education members govern the district. A high school student serves as a non-voting member.

High School: Rutherford B. Hayes High School is a four-year, public school with a total enrollment of over 1445 and a 2007 graduation class of 242. The school is fully accredited by the State of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Education and North Central Association. Student/teacher ratio: 18.56/1

Faculty: R. B. Hayes High School has 81 certified professional staff, 58 of whom have earned a masters degree with additional hours, 16 of whom have 150+ hours and the staff averages 13.75 years of experience

Graduation Requirements: Twenty-one units of credit must include: English (4), Mathematics (3), Science (2 - 1...