Joe History

Joe History

Chapter one.

Joe history


- Where they lived.

- Brothers, sisters

- Sports play

High school

• Freshmen year

• New people… Montpelier merge, Dalton

• Girl friends… Danielle, Kristin

• Sports, football two-a-days three brothers, basketball not good, cheerleading offer, soccer, swimming, baseball not catching

• Sophomore year

• Girl friends, Kristin, Whitney, Emily, back to Kristin

• Inman

• sports , football starting var., cheerleading open gym, baseball

• going to reds grad from basic

• friends, cavy

Junior year

• Girls, falling in love

• Sports, wrestling

• Senior year

• Sports, football, baseball, track

• Career choices, school, acting

• Saying good bye for LA

This is a story about a guy name Joe Bracket. He was born in Hartville, Indiana. Joe had two older brothers. They would smash anyone who tried to hurt him, but they never really got along. Fred was the second oldest and Steve was the oldest. Steve was kind of a hot, but Fred was more composed. After Joe was born his family moved down to Mississippi. Joe’s mother’s family lived there. Linda and Jake was his parents. They lived there for about 5 years and then moved back to Indiana because of money problems. Mainly the reason was Jake got sick and couldn’t work. So now Joe is back in Hartville living with his Grandparents. Finally Joe’s parents save up enough money to move in to a trailer. It was small a cramped. Ok, jumping forward a little when Joe was about fourteen heading in to High School. It was an exciting time for Joe. New people, new school, and his two brothers were there also. This was the first time Joe, Fred, and Steve were all together in one school. Anyway, Hartville is located in a county called Blackford, along with Montpelier. The two towns are about 5 miles apart, so the towns merge for High...

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