John Smith

John Smith

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What if we lived in a time long, long, long ago? In a time, like John Smith

And William Bradford time! In this time where there where two men, who had different

Objectives, similar journeys, landed on different lands, and had different commands.

For starters, William Bradford landed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts his

Journey was no joy, but Bradford was a brave man, William Bradford, made a difficult

voyage to America on the Mayflower. The Mayflower was no mass of ship. It was

awfully a small boat, but some how Bradford still managed. In the book Plymouth of

Plantation. Bradford and men experienced many fierce storms. Where the ship was

“shroud shaken”. They even had leaks and spills, but Bradford was determined despite of

the peril. Bradford and the travelers committed themselves to God and proceeded with

travel. In a great storm, a man name John Howland was thrown into the sea, but he

caught on to the top sail, and climbed back onto the ship. In this storm one passenger

died. A young man name William Butten. Whom was a servant to Samuel Fuller. After

the storm they drifted near Cape Code where they landed. When they reached the land

they fell unto their knees and thanked God. Who had helped them out of the furious

ocean. Two or three months later half of the travelers died do to different conditions.

Such as diseases, weather and starvation. Bradford made peace with the Indians. He

didn’t want to fight with the Indians. Bradford was a humble man, he mad a peace treaty

with the Indians. Bradford came to the new world for freedom not conflict.

Conversely, John Smith was different in many ways. Similar in some,

but different in many. John Smith settled the 1st colony in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607.

John Smith never spoke of his voyage to the new world in the book...

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