John F. Kennedy's Berlin Wall Speech

John F. Kennedy's Berlin Wall Speech

Berlin Wall speech.

In June of 1963, President Kennedy paid visit to five Western European nations in order to build unity among American allies. After Germany’s defeat in the Second World War, the country had been divided into two, with East Germany under Soviet control and West Germany becoming a democratic nation.

In 1948, East Germany conducted a temporary blockade of West Berlin’s railroads, highways and waterways.

By 1961 East German authorities began construction of a 12 foot high wall that stretches 100 miles around West Berlin, preventing anyone from crossing to the west and to freedom (nearly 200 people would be killed trying to pass over or dig under the wall.

On June 26, 1963 President Kennedy gave a famous speech delivering to hundreds of thousands of Germans in the Rudolph Wilde Platz, in West Berlin, He emphasized the importance of the free world, fighting the communist world.

Listening to Kennedy’s speech makes one realize what an extraordinary president leader this man was. The speech was perhaps the most famous single moment of the Cold War.

More than a million West Berliners gathered to hear Kennedy’s speech.

The text of the speech was made n Berlin. I would describe Kennedy’s speech as a motivational speech, persuasive speech, or inspirational speech.

This well-know speech by Kennedy, famed for its powers of verbal and oral communication, makes excellent use of the words and language.

Use of the native tongue of John F. Kennedy within the speech makes it powerful and relevant to historic occasions.

He paid tribute to the spirit of Berliners and to their quest for freedom, the crowd cheered with approval upon hearing the President’s dramatic pronouncement, Ich bin ein Berlin I am Berliner.

Aside from the heartfelt words, one could see Kennedy’s passion through his body language. Kennedy looked pleasant, enthusiastic, confident, and most importantly proud.

He spoke out slowly, enunciated early, and showed...

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