Johnson & Johnson product recall

Johnson & Johnson product recall

Johnson & Johnson

Tamar Tskhakaia
Prof: Carol V. Alexander


Company Background:
Johnson & Johnson is a holding company. Three brothers Robert, James, and Edward Johnson founded Johnson & Johnson during 1886 in Brunswick, New Jersey. During the beginning this company published methods on sterile surgery, which later became standards worldwide. Not only it set standards for surgery but it also developed products such as first aid kits, maternity kits, and sanitary protection products for women, dental floss, band aide, and tearless baby shampoo.
The Company is engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sale of a broad range of products in the health care field. The business of Johnson & Johnson is conducted by more than 275 operating companies located in 60 countries, including the United States, which sell products in virtually all countries throughout the world. In March 2013, Johnson & Johnson's Cordis Corporation announced the acquisition of Flexible Stenting Solutions, Inc. In June 2013, Johnson & Johnson announced the opening of the Johnson & Johnson Innovation center in Boston. In July 2014, Johnson & Johnson completed the divestiture of Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics business to Carlyle Group. Even though the company was busy developing new products to keep individuals healthy it was thinking socially as well when it helped citizens in Galveston, Texas after the massive hurricane and was one of the first companies that helped out the citizens in San Francisco during 1906 after an Earthquake. Johnson & Johnson was one of the first companies to think globally by opening its first overseas operating company in the United Kingdom during 1924. Robert Wood Johnson established Johnson & Johnson’s vision statement in early years when he implemented corporate social responsibility as the foundation of a successful business. Even though Johnson & Johnson is a major example of a successful company, it has...

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