Joining is free

Joining is free

The Best Things in Life are Free

We all know the tried and true statement, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” Cliché as it may be, it remains true. Money can buy many things: cars, homes, vacations, clothes—but it cannot buy happiness. The best things in life are free, and you can find great positivity from these things. Some of the best free things in life include:

At the end of the day, blood always runs thicker than water. Your family will be there, and this is something money could never replace. Although some people may not be in contact with their blood related relatives, your family is whom you make it. As a result, some may find this familial comfort through other relationships, like friends and significant others.

Friends can be much like family, and friends can be a cherished part of life. Friends should not be bought, and you should be able to find the comfort of a companion, cost free. Friends provide a network of support for you to share moments of happiness, sadness, and any other remarkable life milestone. Many friends are lifelong, and some just spend a brief moment in your life—either way, these friendships can be the best part of life.

Significant Others
Similarly to the rewarding feeling you get from your friends and family, another free thing in life is romance. The love of a significant other is a feeling like no other, and this is free. Significant others function to enrich your life and complement your being. These life benefits cannot be bought.

Aside from the relationship you may have in your life, there are also personal accomplishments that can be rewarding. Working hard and seeing the result is free, and there is nothing like the high of success. People can find much happiness from setting a goal and achieving it. Some examples of cost free achievements that could bring you great joy are completing a marathon, finishing a painting, starting a new business, and many many more.


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