Joint Cheif of Staf

Joint Cheif of Staf

Course Description

Humans are unusual creatures. Every day we perform aspects of human behavior without even thinking about it, yet when you sit down and think about it, a lot of what we do, we aren't sure of why we do it. Human behavior, and in particular the behavior of employees in the workplace is something that needs careful analysis in order to fully understand! This course is intended for managers and employees in the workplace, and by the end of the course you will be able to explain and apply principles of: organization theory, group dynamics, motivation theory, and managerial leadership to the management of workplaces.

Organizational behavior is about people at work in all kinds of organizations and how they may be motivated to work together in more effective ways. We will be examining how human behavior influences four key areas of management. We will begin by looking at the structure of organizations, how businesses can be structured and the ways in which people behave can affect business structures (and of course how business organization affects the way people behave).

We will then examine groups, and specifically the way individuals within a group work together to attain certain goals. The dynamics that can exist within a group can make or break the success of such a group. We will then study motivation. Motivation is the willingness to expend effort toward an organizational goal while satisfying a personal need. Finally, we will look at leadership, and how the role of leaders is changing in modern organizations.

By the end of this course you should be able to describe and apply the principles of organizational behavior to developing effective relationships with others in your workplace.

Course Requirements

There are no prerequisites for entry into Managing people 1, the only requirement is that you are willing to learn about, and critically review the manner in which people around you act. It is...

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