jornal entry

jornal entry

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Final 2

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, better known simply as Raphael, was an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance. His work is admired for its clarity of form and ease, and for its visual achievement of the Neoplatonic ideal of human grandeur.
While researching Raphael I came across the Alba Madonna painting which caught my eye right away, from the children to the colors used. The Alba Madonna is a painting by the Italian High Renaissance artist Raphael, depicting Mary, Jesus and John the Baptist, in a typical Italian countryside in 1510, the artwork's subject matter is Madonna and Child.

The coloring is balanced and it is a nice sized painting, the figures in the painting are grouped to the left in the round design however Madonna’s arm balances the image. Oil paint was used to create the artistic masterpiece. After studying the picture, one could tell that it had something to do with god, or the bible as the child is holding a cross up. John the Baptist is holding up a cross to Jesus, which the baby Jesus is grasping. All three figures are staring at the cross. During its time in the Hermitage, the painting would be transferred from a circular panel to a square canvas during the early nineteenth century.
Truly it captured my interest because of the child, it looks like a nice meaningful piece. Maybe they were asking for god to answer their prayers, or thanking him for their life together, either way it’s a piece of artwork that represents peace of mind, to me. The priceless artwork is stored, maintained and displayed at the National Gallery of Art.

Final 3

A leading figure of Italian High Renaissance classicism, Raphael is best known for his "Madonnas," including the Sistine Madonna, and for his large figure compositions in the Palace of the Vatican in Rome.
In 1514, he completed his last work in his series of the "Madonnas," an oil painting called the Sistine Madonna. Raphael died in Rome on...

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