Jounalist in Iraq

Jounalist in Iraq

Journalists in Iraq

Being a journalist in the middle of Iraq is a dangerous job. The war started four and half years ago, and in average about one reporter and media assistant is killed every week. This doesn’t stop these journalists to do their job. Recently the International Women’s Media Foundation awarded six Iraqi women for their bravery. These women work in the McClatchy Newspapers in Bagdad.

Sahar Issa is one of the six women who’ve been rewarded, and is speaking for the rest; she said being a journalist in Iraq is very difficult. They can’t afford to be photographed. If the pictures is released their life might be in danger. “We live a double life”. She said. None of their friends or relatives knows about what they do. Their children have to lie about their profession. They can’t even talk about her accomplishment. Every time these women leave for work they know it is a big risk, because it might be the last time they see their children or their relatives. No matter how great the risks are these journalists are doing their job for a better future for their children and society. Sahar is tiered of being called a terrorist. She wants people to know who they really are, just a normal human being.

Sahar is trying to have a normal life, but due to the circumstances, she lives a double life. One mistake can have her killed. She lives in a place where war is common where innocent life is taken for no reason. She wants people to know that many of them aren’t terrorists. Every time she goes out to work, she puts her life in danger. In North America, The journalists have a great time. They can go anywhere without hiding or being threatened. All they want is better future for their people. Hundreds and thousands have been killed, the young ones included. Many children opportunity to study and become a great person have just been crushed, and others are afraid to go out, because of the war. I believe these people should have and deserve a better...

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