Journal Enrties

Journal Enrties

Journal Entry

I didn’t really like the activity that we did for class work. I didn’t like it because it was boring in it really wasn’t much to do. Like we couldn’t do what we wonted in it wasn’t creative at the same time. If this activity was dealing with a slide show or something using pictures I think I would had enjoyed my self much more with this activity. With a slide show you can do more things in use more things and I think this activity was just to boring in simple.

This activity took me along time to do. This took me along time because it was kind of hard but boring at the same time in I didn’t really pay attention to it. This activity took me like two days to do because I had to go on site to site. I mostly went on Google in found all my stuff for this activity. I didn’t like any part of this activity because none of it cached my attention.

This picture is a heart that is trapped in broken!!!!!
I added red in yellow to my picture. I added these colors because it fits with the statement that im given. The red is the color of the heart in the yellow is the soul and happiness. This means if you had been heartbroken that the pain won’t less and that it would be a better day.

Like this woman was so heart broken that she was so down in didn’t wont to live anymore because of the pain. But one day she got over it in because she saw a pained that mad her realize that life is too good to rest it over a broken heart. That’s you I made this picture because everybody had they heart broken by someone.

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