Journal Entry of Subordinate Member

Journal Entry of Subordinate Member

Subordinate Group Journal
Richard Oellrich

ETH 125

October 1st 1963

Today is a bad day, the time is harder for blacks to survive and get by. We have to ride on the back of the bus and use different restrooms that are labeled black only. We are not to use the same water fountains and we are not allowed to eat or go into white owned business or restaurants. If we do we may get beat up or arrested. The only good thing going on is that Dr Martin Luther King is trying to make a change for all whites and blacks to get along. It is scary at times because you do not know when or where you may get hurt, messed with or even arrested. I must say times are harder but they are not like when my grandparents grow up. When my Grandparent were coming as children to adults the have told me storied about how blacks were hung and killed like if it were natural and fun. The whites some would get drunk and lynched them but most would enjoy seeing the black man especially hanging and squirming, and with the black woman they would beat them and rape them. I am 15 years old and my parents have told me how terrible and nasty the white people have been to us and our family members but no one can explain how and when or why these things take place and happen. Maybe one day we will find the answer to that question. Now we just go to church and pray for help and salvation.

October 7th 1963
Dear journal,
Its been 6 days from my last entry. Today is a good day. My parents and I have been listening to the on going events surrounding Dr. King. We are hearing how he is getting ready to join him with millions of people of both colors to go to the Washington Monument to act against all the violence on all of us black people. He is teaching and preaching about love and peace not war and hate. He is going around telling be that the time has come for all of us to get along with one another. Also what has been going on is another man named...

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