Journal Entry Writing Assignment

Journal Entry Writing Assignment

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Dear Diary,

Today I hada really bad day. When I woke up, it was pouring rain and I got soaked on my way to my first period class. It was really pathetic and I got made fun of because I was wearing white pants and people could see my boxers. After that, when I got to my first class, my day got a little better. I met this girl that I really like. I think. She is very pretty and has black hair. She always wears black nail polish, and I think she is very cool. I saw her today and she said hi to me when I waved even though my pants were see through. Maybe she likes me too. I hope so. Then we could go out together. That would be nice. very nice. So after I saw the girl, I had to go to class. All of my classes were very boring, as usual. I can not wait to get out of college so I can experience the "real world". I went to college near by my house so I could stay with my parents, and I like it. Even though poeple think its not cool, I think it is because I really like my parents and my mom is a super fabulous duper cook/ chef. I love her food. Ohhhh my gosh! One time she made this Italian dish. It was off the chain actually. Just delish. I am not really sure what was in it, but i t was amazing and so good. I wish she would make it again. Or I wish that that girl new how to make it. Then, when we get married she could make it everyday.


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