Journal O

Journal O

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Journal # 1

Laurie K. Stephen M. College Writing First with Readings. Bedford/St. Martin’s, Boston and New York, 2012

Summary In the story "I Want A Wife" by Judy Brady, we see that the author uses a sarcastic tone to exhibit how at the time the men saw and thought the women were less of them. In addition, they believed that the women were just objects that can be discarded just like that. If they found someone who supposedly was better than his wife; they do not know realize the sacrifice that their wives do for them. The point of view of the author the men depends and expects more of their wives. For example, the wife has to take care their physical needs and children, has clean the house. Also, she should have his clothes clean and iron when he will occupy and also have his personal items in order so he can find it when he need. Another thing she must have a half time job to help with the expenses while he is going to school and many things more. They thought were the focus of their wives and that they were to be there when they needed something.

Critical Response
After, I read the essay of “I Want A Wife” by Judy Brandy. I am concern how a man can be a male chauvinist. Also, how the women permit that abuse against herself. For instance, I am proud of Mrs. Brady for been an intelligent and brave women to exposes her points of view of how the man treat and though that the woman how to be in the time. I think a men do that to her, so she want to send a message for the new generations of wives in the form they will make a change to have a distinct future. In my form of think,...

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