Journalism Chapter I Outline

Journalism Chapter I Outline

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|Journalism Chapter I |
|Outline’s |
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|10/28/2008 |

|Andrew Sargeant |

Table of Contents

Title Page

Establishment of Freedom of the Press 3

The Birth of the Nation 4

The Penny Press 5

The Effects of the Telegraph 6

Yellow Journalism 7

Muckraking 8

1) Establishment of Freedom of the Press
a) Early newspapers who criticized the government were guilty of sedition.
i) In 1735 John Peter Zenger printed articles critical of Governor William Cosby.
ii) Zenger was arrested on a charge of seditious libel and jailed.
b) Andrew Hamilton defended Zenger.
i) He stunned the crown when he said: “I do confess that he both printed and published the two newspaper set forth in the information. I hope in so doing he has committed no crime”
ii) To the court it seemed in effect a guilty plea.
iii) Hamilton continued: “I hope it is not or bare printing or publishing a paper that will make it a libel. For the words...

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