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George and Lennie have a dream in this novel. Dreams are the main topic in “Of Mice and Men” written by John Steinbeck, he uses the symbol of dreams to show what the characters in the novel are trying to reach in life. A couple of the other characters also have dreams these people include Candy, Crooks and Curlys Wife. The novel doesn’t end well for any of the characters.

George and Lennie once worked on a ranch in a place called Weed, but they were force to leave when Lennie was accused of being a pervert for grabbing onto a woman’s dress. George and Lennie live a pretty simple life they go around to different farms, their dream is to own there own piece of land which is a couple of acres big to start there own farm to live on. George and Lennie also want many different type of animals such as horses, some pigs, a cow and dogs and rabbits which Lennie want to tend, and he only gets to tend the rabbits if he is good and doesn’t do anything bad like he did in weed. George also has a dream to live a better life. Lennie also says in the book that he would like to “living off the fatta' the lan”

After Candy’s dog gets shot he becomes very sad and doesn’t speak to many people and later on in the novel George is telling Candy about his and Lennies dream and Candy says that he would like to live on the farm with them. He would give them all of his pay so hopefully they could start the ranch at the end of the month; Candy wants to live on the farm until he dies.

Another person that has a dream on the ranch is curly wife she wanted to become a