JSB Market Research – Ukraine - Telecoms, IP Networks and Digital Media

JSB Market Research – Ukraine - Telecoms, IP Networks and Digital Media

Ukraine - Telecoms, IP Networks and Digital Media

Released on 11th May 2015


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This report provides an overview of Ukraine’s telecom market, including profiles of the major operators, a review of telecom network infrastructure, regulatory measures, and recent network developments. It assesses the broadband and digital media sectors, covering major players and technologies, and offering a wide range of statistics. It also details the mobile market, providing statistics and analyses on industry developments.

Researcher:- Henry Lancaster Current publication date: March 2015 (13th Edition)

Ukraine’s telecom market revenue hit by loss of CrimeaUkraine’s national telecom infrastructure is being modernised through considerable investment in both the mobile and fixed-broadband sectors. The political tension which erupted in late 2013 has been exacerbated by the annexation of Crimea by Russia, and by the continuing secessionist activity in eastern provinces. This has resulted in considerable disruption, rendering it difficult for telcos to maintain network upgrades and services.

Telcos once active in Crimea left the peninsular after their licences were made over to Russian firms. The telecom regulator’s assessments of market statistics, including revenue, now exclude data from Crimea and the separately administered city of Sevastopol. Continuing political and military difficulties in the country’s eastern provinces have.

Competition is provided from a number of alternative operators, though the incumbent Ukrtelecom remains the dominant player. The country’s sizeable broadband market enjoys effective cross-platform competition. DSL remains the dominant access platform, though cable is also widely available and there has been considerable investment in FttP and FttB in recent years. LAN and wireless platforms such as WiFi and WiMAX exist on a smaller scale. Digital TV is accessible from the cable and...

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