Serving your Home
and the Community
James Leung, executive director of
Pricerite Stores Ltd, talks about the
company’s endeavour to serve the mass
market and help the community.


ove makes a house a home, and the right
furniture and household products help
make a neat and clean home. Home
improvement specialist Pricerite is an expert
in doing the latter while at the same time
endeavours to spread love to the community –
the home to all.
“The past few years have seen Pr icer ite
t r a n s f o r m e d i n t o a h o m e i m p rove m e n t
specialist,” says James Leung, executive
director of Pricerite Stores Ltd. “When the
CASH Group acquired Pricerite in 2001, the
Group reckoned that going beyond price should
be the strategy adopted to satisfy customers’
need as the living standard of the general public
has much improved. A full review was then
carried out and great efforts paid to create the
present Pricerite.”
A f t e r t h o ro u g h rev i ew s d o n e by t h e
management, it was concluded that more
should be done on customer service product
quality, store setting, interior decoration and
overall shopping atmosphere. Common sense

2006/Dec Hongkong Industrialist

it may seem, it requires wisdom and immense
energy to do the best on all these aspects while
striving to ensure the products are affordable for
the mass market targeted by Pricerite.
Mr Leung points out that Pricerite, which
celebrated its 20 th anniversary this year, is a
brand name familiar among many Hong Kong
people. Through its long-time interaction
with customers, the company has a good
understanding of customers’ need. Such
knowledge is extremely impor tant since
Pricerite needs to manage a product mix that
includes furniture, household products and even
electrical appliances, and for each category, a
wide range of choices is offered. “It is a real
challenge to us,” Mr Leung admits. “But if we
understand our customers, we can...