Judaism: the Religion of the Jewish

Judaism: the Religion of the Jewish

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World Religions Report

(Religions of the world)
Axia College

I have always thought that Judaism and Christianity were essentially the same, with the exception of a few minor differences. But, I was quite mistaken. Through studying the differences between the religions and having a very long talk with an orthodox Jew, I have come to realize that there are many substantial and vital distinctions between the two. This paper will give a brief history of Judaism, compare the differences between Christianity and Judaism as well as contain a description of the synagogue I visited and a summary of my interview with an Orthodox Jew.


The religion of Judaism was founded in 2000 BC by Abraham and his son Isaac and it is the religion of the Jewish people. According to scripture, Judaism was founded on an agreement between God and Abraham as well as the agreement with Moses in 1200 BC. It was one of the first monotheistic religions and possibly the oldest that is still in practice today (Jewfaq 2009). There are many scholars that feel that the morals and the history of the Jewish people played a significant role in the creation of other highly followed religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Samaritanism.
Today, there are approximately 18 million followers of this religion (Jewfaq 2009). Judaism teaches the importance of the family life and encourages community among all members of Jewish faith. Jews believe in one God and that he created the world and watches over it. They believe he is all powerful. They believe that he taught his people through the use of prophets. Jews believe in the Old Testament books of the Bible only and focus primarily on the books known as the Torah. They believe that the Torah identifies 163 commandments that must be followed. Jews do not believe in salvation, but they do believe that the Messiah will eventually come, resurrect the dead, and create heaven on earth.
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