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Park, Woo Suk
ENGL 1301.2013
18 February 2009


These days, many old people are a target of crime because their constitution may not be strong as they were young. To protect them from that, they should know some protective or evasive skills for the prevention of personal attack. You might be concerned about your physical condition, like lack of muscular strength, but do not worry about that. Here are some tips that are easy to learn and will help you defend yourself, should you ever be in need.
Before going over those skills, there are some other methods, such as defensive items to go over first. For example, when you fall into a dangerous situation, using the whistle is a good idea to tell people for help. It is better than your voice because it is louder and is easier to make a sound. Why not put the whistle on your key chain or your cell phone? Also, other precautions include taking pepper-spray and saving an emergency number in your cell phone.
Now that we have done going over defensive items, let us examine some protective skills. There are many kinds of protective skills; one of the best is throwing your enemy. You may think it needs much power, but power is not necessary. The secret to throwing is balance, not strength. You can agree if you have ever learned or competed in Judo or any other of the Olympic styles of wrestling. However, it does not mean that you are supposed to know Judo or other martial arts. Even though you are not as strong as you used to be, you can do self- defense skills very well.

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(a) (b)
Let us suppose that someone tries to bear hug you from behind (a). At that time, do not be afraid and just grip his pinkie and push down (b) because the pinkie is the weakest finger. Also the arm has to go where the pinkie is going. You can do that very well even if you’re a weak...