Juliet’s Letter to Agony Aunty

Juliet’s Letter to Agony Aunty

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Juliet’s letter to agony aunty

Dear aunt I am a 14 year old girl and I am deeply in love with a young man just a bit older than me. Ok! I am in love so what is the problem? At first I didn’t know that the person I want to die for is the son of my family’s worst and only foe. I found this out after I fell in love and we both gave each other the oath to live together. If I knew that before I met him, I know I would have never considered him but now I know that we are meant to together. His family have an ancient grudge and I think it will last forever. My family hate his family and his family hate my family.

My parents don’t know about him, I do it all secretly. He loves me so much that he did not split up from me. Now we would like get married. However I don’t know how to or should I tell my parents? I am really scared of my parents. I believe if they find out about us, they may kill me or disown me and I am somewhat sure, they will never accept him. What can I do? I am so scared, but I love him so much. Do you think we should runaway? I suppose what I am asking is if you find true love should you hang on to it no matter what the consequence? Or should you put everyone before yourself and be unhappy and lose something so special to you. I am so confused. Please help. Juliet

Dear Juliet I am sorry for the difficult situation you are going through. It doesn’t sound like a recipe for a great romance, does it? You may not want hear this, but I do say it in a spirit of caring. Because you are so young it sounds like what you are felling isn’t so much love, it’s more an infatuation, which give incredibly strong feelings. 14 is a very confusing age. Also at this stage you are going through the frothy stars in your eyes first stage of romance. Soon you will realise that love settles down in to a more comfortable, deeper, more stable companionship.

I’d like to begin by asking you a difficult question do you really want to take this relationship further after...

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