Julius Caesar essay

Julius Caesar essay

Johnson 1!
Scott Johnson
Mr Niva
English 10 period 6
26 May 2015
Julius Caesar Final Essay
In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Caesar was murdered on thought of a
conspiracy by many Roman senators. Led by Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Brutus, they
stabbed Julius Caesar to death in a location adjacent to the Theatre of Pompey on the Ides of
March. As a result a few days later the roman people had funeral for Caesar. This where Brutus
gave his speech to try to convince the the roman citizens that what he and his gang did to Caesar
was called for, but this is also where Antony one of Caesar's close followers gives a speech right
after Brutus telling the citizens how Caesar's death needed to be avenged; which he did achieve
the citizens did end up wanting to help Antony avenge Caesar's death after he was done
speaking. The speeches given by both Brutus and Mark Antony in William Shakespeare’s Julius
Caesar are very persuasive but the rhetorical devices were used in different ways in order for
each to effect the people of Rome. Brutus argues that what Cassius and he did was necessary,
because Caesar was trying to take power for himself and Caesar had to be killed to protect Rome,
Antony's speech argued that Brutus and his gang are not honorable and Caesar was not ambitious
and it was time to retaliate on the group of murderers.. While both speakers employed the three
most common appeals found in persuasive writing or speaking, known as, ethos, which is an
appeal to credibility; pathos, which is an appeal to the emotion of the audience; and logos, which
is an appeal to the content and arrangement of the argument itself. Now in my opinion Mark

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Anthony's speech is significantly more effective than Brutus's in the way he appeals, ethos,
pathos, and logos, of the audience despite both speeches having the same structure.

The first rhetorical device that Mark Antony and Brutus...

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