July 10th 2009

July 10th 2009

English 10

March 19, 2010


“July 10th 2009”


Crunch! Crunch! Sneak! Sneak! Crawling through the leaves, under the fence to Cutty’s to meet Cole and Taylor. It was July 10th 2009, hot summer day. Walking through the dry grass to the pond where kids were riding mini boats and catching toads. When we got to the main office of Cutty’s, Chelsey seen swings by the park, So we walked over there to swing. After Chelsey noticed when I got off, my shorts were all black from the swing. We played Cherry Drop on the playground with ten year olds, went mini golfing, swimming, played volleyball, caught toads at the pond, and went to the shelter house to call the main office to see if they would deliver gummy worms to us. While that was going on, I watched Security coming over by us chasing us down, so we ran from them. By the time Cole and Taylor got to Cutty’s we heard there truck, loudly “Vroom, Vroom!” The boys picked us up at the front desk of Cutty’s.  We drove out of Cutty’s and went back to my Grandma and Grandpa’s cabin, where the boys met my family. Before we left the cabin, we played baseball with plastic bats and balls. We ate millions of popsicles to see how many we could eat and jammed out to music in the garage.

  When we left the cabin, we took the busy highway to downtown Spirit Lake.  All of us were listening to “Big Green Tractor,” while driving down the road.  It was earlier in the morning still, when the boys decided they were hungry. We decided to go to Kegglers to have a quick meal. Chelsey and I decided to go outside to sit in the truck to wait for the boys. A half hour later, Cole and Taylor finally were done. Chelsey got a missed call from my mom that said, “Hey, I tried to get a hold of Courtney, but her phone must have died, When you guys are done come back to the cabin.” It was 10:00 on Friday, When we were done in town and started heading back to the cabin, where my mom was waiting for us. Watching...

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