Once upon a time, yeah that's been over done too many times. Let's try that over. Okay, so there's this way normal place and way normal people. Yeah, that sounds about right. This normal place was called Addison. So in Addison, everyone seemed to know one another. either you went to the high school or you grew up there.

One of the towns teenagers, her name was Fallyn, seemed almost too normal for words to describe. Her outer appearance was normal but what went on on the inside was anything but normal. She was about 17 and everything was about to change for her. A new school year and a new life experience.

Some of her best friends were pretty eclectic. There was Missy, a punk rocker chick. Natasha, the exotic chica. Kathryn "Kitty", the shy little emo girl. Stacy, the popular one. And Christa, the southern belle. This small group of friends always hung out. They may have all been different, but they were all friends.

It was the beginning of school and nothing was different. They all had different homerooms, as always, but they had lunch together and each had one class with one another. At least two classes were apart from everyone.

Homeroom seemed to go as normal, until the teacher announced a new student was joining their homeroom. Fallyn figured it would just be some random new girl or some random boy from another country that every girl or guy would be after. Of course, like everyone, she was curious and so was everyone else. The new boy walked in, Justin. He looked normal, almost like he belonged. The guys were disappointed and so were the girls. Fallyn was the only one not disappointed. Something inside her just wanted to jump out of her skin for a few minutes.

After homeroom, Fallyn went to go find her friends. She wanted to tell them about the new boy in school. He was in her homeroom and they shared one class. She was very excited to tell her friends. Fallyn wanted to get to know this boy.

After she had told her friends, she was really...