Justification Report

Justification Report

Mobile Technology Justification Report
ENG 315 – Professional Communications
July 19, 2015

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Problem Statement 4
Terminology 4
Report Overview 4
Overview of Alternatives 4-5
Criteria 6
Research Methods 6
Recommendation 6
References 7

Executive Summary
This report is based on the explanation report to the employer to recommend a vital change required in workplace to make it an effective business. The report is planned to provide references directed towards Hope Investment Company whose business objective is to focus on applying updated equipment which help the company to facilitate the sharing and coordination of information to external and internal organizations that are working with company. By this report, the organization can be mindful of essential needs of the company as regards to the implementation of mobile technology such as applications and software in the infrastructure of the company and analyze the problems in implementation of mobile applications and develop the innovative solution for the company.

The paper includes the introduction of report which includes problem under consideration and related preliminary data of report. The overview will be presented about different technological alternatives which will be consider while presenting the technological solution to the company and these alternatives will be evaluated and analyzed on the basis of five major criteria to measure the effect of these alternatives and to choose the best alternative among them. In the end the study concludes with the finding of research based on effective alternative solution used to implement mobile technology in the company. Recommendations will be made in order to provide future chances for achievement.

Mobile Technology

The report is providing recommendations to the employer of Hope Investment Company to implement mobile technology in the...

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