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Text Two:

1. This is an image of a woman shoplifting from a clothing store. She appears to have taken the garment off the table, and is slyly squashing it into her handbag; whilst being observant of anyone that may see her.
The girly pink handbag with the decorative flower, and the dark shade of pink shirt, suggest she is very feminine. From this assumption I feel as though because of the fact that she is feminine, she also materialistic, and as a result loves clothes.
The store that she is in, looks like a quite modern boutique. The vibrant clothes seem to be not cheap, but not overly pricy either.
When studying this woman, she looks like a regular person, not a thief. This gives more evidence that not all shoplifters are the stereotypical poor and underprivileged burglars that is assumed in many cases. This text proves that anybody can be a shoplifter.

2. In this image I think it justifies that anybody can be a shoplifter. The woman in the picture looks as though she’s quite well off in terms of money. Another position to look at in this picture is: woman shoplifters in our society. This woman represents woman shoplifters everywhere, questioning the many reasons as to why they must possibly shoplift. A woman shoplifter, in my eyes can shoplift for three main reasons; debt, payback and addiction. This woman in the picture could be a single mother, living off a small income, or she could have a spiteful, getting back at a store/store owner for personal reasons, or she could even have the addiction of shoplifting. She could be shoplifting for private reasons, such as stress of some kind. This photo really develops many theories towards the woman’s reason to her shoplifting acts.
From this picture I learnt all the possibilities an individual can have for their actions.

3. This photo on shoplifting increases an understanding of woman that shoplift in today’s modern society. The body language of the woman suggests that she...