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IGCSE SPEAKING TOPICS: Extended level. March, 2009

Choose two topics and prepare a brief for future discussions.

1. People who worry about experiments on animals have no understanding of the benefits.
2. `Scientific experiments on live animals can never be justified.’
3. Talk about a book which you read recently and which you particularly enjoyed.’
4. `Many young people are poor because they are too lazy to work.’
5. ‘Examinations put too much pressure on students. We should be judges by what we achieved during the course.’
6. ‘It is sometimes justifiable to take a life to protect others or to punish a crime.’
7. The influence of religion in my life.
8. My feelings about growing older.
9. An occasion when I was ill.
10. Boys love sport '' girls are just bored by it.
11. Some things that make me very angry.
12. ‘We are all to blame for pollution, and we must all work to stop it.’
13. ‘People are becoming more and more obsessed with money and neglecting the things that really matter.’ Do you agree?
14. Are the Olympic games a waste of time?
15. How do you think schools will change in the first quarter of the next century?
16. ‘We should treat animals just as we treat human beings’: to what extent do you agree or disagree?
17. Space travel is a waste of money.
18. The ideal school.
19. Tourism '' good or bad?
20. Television is making society more violent.
21. Everyone should play a sport!
22. Careers and motherhood simply do not mix!
23. The habits of young people show they just do not care about their health. Technology is making life better and better.
25. People who pretend they would not like to be rich are living in a dream world.
26. Scientists and technologists will ensure the future of the planet is secure.
27. Advertising is merely a way of tricking people into spending their money.
28. We are too soft on those who commit violent crimes!
30. Drugs and sport just do not mix!
31. My ideal career.
32. Imagine that...

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