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Last year, I attended my friend’s wedding ceremony in 1st Oct. It was held in XuanWu hotel, which is one of famous hotel in Nanjing. And my friend told me he had to book that hotel half years ago, because the October is a wedding season, and people have a week long holidays in China, which called Gold Week. If you do not arrange everything in advance, then your wedding ceremony will be impossible mission in that season.

My friend invited more than 100 people to present at his wedding ceremony. Most of the guests are relatives, while one fourth of the guests are friends. In China, it sounds good if more people will attend the wedding party. The bridal couple and their families are obviously to be honored of that ,as well as happy to receive more bride price.

My friend’s Wedding ceremony includes 3 parts: Introduction and Announcement, Wedding Feast and Wedding Ball.

When my wife and I arrived the hotel, firstly we saw the bridal couple standing in the door of the hall and welcomed guests. The bride was in a white wedding dress and bridegroom was in a smart black suit. All of them looked gorgeous. We greeted each other and gave the bride price to the bridegroom. In China, the bride price may be 200-1000 RMB yuan in average. The bride smiled at me and handed me a cigarette, which called happy cigarette in custom. I received it politely, though I do not smoke at all.

The wedding ceremony began at 7:00 p.m., an hour late than planned, but people seemed still excited. After a short open announcement by the host, the Introduction started. Surprise to everybody, the Introduction is not a boring speech but a dramatic show. The bride and bridegroom play two roles to tell their love story. Designed music and lights made the show successfully. And the romantic story attracted everyone.

At end of the introduction show, all lights turn off. Then the music of wedding march came. Suddenly, there was the bride in wedding gown stepped in with the maid of honor,...