Kant vs Aristotle on Morality

Kant vs Aristotle on Morality

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Takisha Yearwood
Professor Dr. Henry B. Piper
September 19, 2007
Introduction to Philosophy

Topic: Descartes Meditations page 165-170

Descartes beings to realize that the opinions in the world that he relay on may be false, He beings to think what if everything that he built everything on is not true, causing everything to be wrong. He beings to wonder what would of and if these concerns to be true. He realizes that if that is going to happen he would have to show that everything is false.
Descartes realizes that in order to prove that his opinions may be false he may have to take steps to keep mindful of what he wants. For long time opinions that will try to return he would have to keep an open mind to them, Descartes will not get out of the habit of believing them. He realizes for him to do well he has to turn his well completely into the opposite direction and pretend that they are 100% false.
At the end of Descartes Meditations 1 he learns that it is a hard task to prove that the things that he learns are false because it will cause him to go back into everything that he would ever believe in. he also learns that he still have the right to withhold any opinions that may be false no matter how powerful, clever God may have an effect on his life. He learns that he still have an opinion no matter how difficult it is to prove to false or true.

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