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There, my name, and my response. Remember what to do, go to the corner, sharp turn, three paces, bow, another three paces and a second bow.

First move now. Great, saw the judge smile. Through the rest I went punching here and kicking there. The final bow and the petrifying wait for the scores. First whistle and panic came, I can’t see the scores I thought. That thought soon passed as the second whistle came and the scores turn around. Great my first score and time to back out of the ring.

I still look back on that day and think how nervous I was. The sight of my opposition and the whole hall was just daunting. A large expanse with eight rings all with different events on each. The thought of what I’d been told going through my head, this is what I’ve been training for.

I had wanted to do karate since I was about five. I had just started watching K1, a martial art tournament programme (obviously because I liked the idea of martial arts and watching it), and learnt that my dad had learnt judo. Finding out how many injuries he had received from just six and a half years of training I decided to go for a more reasonable sport. I chose karate mostly because, of course, K1. At the end of the K1 championships, karate came out on top and thus came my desire to start. Pestering my mum for seven and a half years I finally came out on top and started karate. Thanks to door-to-door recruiting by GKR karate I was soon on my road to the success I have had and hopefully the success that is in my future.

My first lesson was brilliant, making new friends almost instantly and getting on greatly with my sensei. Although very nervous I was ecstatic by the last two periods of school, karate was all I could think of. By the time I got home you could see the horrific shaking. I walked through the doors and got a welcoming smile from the sensei and a couple from some of my, currently, closest friends.

After six weeks of intense training I got my yellow tip,...