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Kazakhtelecom is a state owned largest telecommunication company of Kazakhstan (member of state program "30 Corporate Leaders of Kazakhstan"), considered as a national service provider.
The largest shareholders of the company: JSC National Welfare Fund «Samruk-Kazyna» - 51.00%, Bodam BV (Amsterdam) - 16,87%, Deran Services Limited-9,61%, The Bank of New York (nominee) - 12.57%, other shareholders with less than 5% - 9.95%.
The company provides telephony services (including ISDN), data networks, broadband Internet access, IPTV, hosting, SIP - telephony, video-conferences, telegraph, intellectual connection.
Since Kazakhtelecom is the largest company on the market the competitors exists on different market segments
fixed telephony holds 93% of the market and the competitors are: JSC “Kaztranscom”, JSC “Transtelecom”, Ducat with “Arna” brand, “Sky Silk”
mobile telecom holds 5% of the market with the following competitors: “Beeline” and “MTS”
data transmission and internet (70.4%), IP telephony (25%) the competitors are: JSC “Kaztranscom”, JSC “Transtelecom”, Ducat with “Arna” brand, Astel, “Beeline”
TV (2.3%): Alma TV, Aina TV, Secatel company, ICON, Digital TV
services to operators (31.8%): JSC “Kaztranscom”, JSC “Transtelecom”, CA-telecom, KZ-Trans.

problem or challenge statement

Companies with state participation should grow in value. Companies with state participation should receive more profit, but the actions of “Samruk-Kazyna” look not so straightforward. It goes on sale of Kazakhtelecom shares in Kcell (leading mobile operator in Kazakhstan) and subsequent payment of dividends by the results of the 1st quarter of 2012, in the amount of more than 1.4 billion U.S. Dollars.

- situation analysis

The idea of selling the subsidiaries cellular operators first discussed in 2007, despite the fact that, according to expert estimates, the share Kazakhtelecom in GSM Kazakhstan LLP (Kcell) is a lucrative asset to generate significant cash...