Keeping Pets Means Making Friends

Keeping Pets Means Making Friends

Keeping pets means making friends
I have been a keen animal lover since I was a little boy. I not only enjoy bird's singing in the morning, but also enjoy seeing various kinds of animal in the zoo. But actually, I didn't quite approve those who keeping pets when I was young, thinking that they deprived the animals of their freedom. As time went on, I gradually became aware of the relationship between pets and pet-keepers, and the bonds seem to be more profound since I kept some pets of my own.

My mother bought me a little tortoise for my birthday present last year, which made me feel on top of the world! What amused me a lot was that the tortoise seemed to enjoy itself to the utmost every day. It pushed the marble in the water, dived under the water, and stretched out its neck to see what was going on around it. When I scattered the feed into the water, it pretended not having seen it. As soon as I kept a distance from it, it rapidly catapulted its head out of its shell and swallowed the feed. At that time I didn't even dream that I would also keep a couple of birds, yet it just happened last month.

When my uncle came to visit my family the other day, he took me to the flower-and-bird market. Since that is my first time there, I was really attracted by what I had seen. Flowers and countless birds were neatly displayed in the alley and all I can hear was the bird's singing here and there. I picked two little birds which made the faint sound like the sheep, hoping that they can bring me a lot of joy in the future.

At the beginning, the birds seemed to be very lively. They jumped here and there, making not only sheep-like voices but also various other voices learnt from the other birds in the market. They usually swung on the ring hanging from the top of the cage, which bring me a lot of fun. But the delightful condition didn't last very long. The male bird struck its claw hard on the cage, breaking its bones. In a week or more, it couldn't even fly up to...

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